Friday, April 24, 2015

The Name of the Land of Israel

Japheth fathered Gomer, Gomer fathered Ashkenaz, Ashkenaz is the progenitor of the AshkeNazi "Jews" which are the people living in the land of Israel today.  Ashkenazi "Jews" are Gentiles (see Genesis 10:1-5 KJV).  They converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. which means that they are Jews by conversion to Judaism not by blood nor are they descendants of Abraham according to Genesis chapters 10 and 11.  Also, they are Khazars according to Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe, The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage.

Shem fathered Arphaxad, Arphaxad fathered Salah, Salah fathered Eber, Eber fathered Peleg, Peleg fathered Reu, Reu fathered Serug, Serug fathered Nahor, Nahor fathered Terah, Terah fathered Abram (God changed his name to Abraham), Abraham (the Hebrew) fathered Isaac, and Isaac fathered Jacob (see Genesis 10:21-31, 11:10-32, and 14:13).  God changed Jacob's name to Israel (see Genesis 35:10) and gave the land of Canaan to Abraham and to his descendants the Israelites (see Genesis 17:8).  Therefore,  the land bears the name of Israel to this day.  Israel was a Hebrew or Shemite/Semite from which came the true Jews.

The people living in the land of Israel are not descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).  They are descendants of Japheth (Japhethites) not Shem (Shemites/Semites).  The Shemites are a people of color. They lived in Israel until persecution broke out against them.  They scattered to Africa (land of the Hamites who are descendants of Ham) and were taken captive by the Hamites/Africans then sold into slavery to the Japhethites/Europeans/Ashkenazi "Jews" during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in the 1500's and 1600's (see Deuteronomy 28:68).  The first slave ship to America was called Jesus because its cargo was the Tribe of Judah, the same tribe from which Jesus descended (see Matthew 1:1-17).

The land of Israel was stolen by these same Ashkenazi "Jews".  The Ashkenazi "Jews" are impostors and they own most of the world's banks and are the ruling elite of the world.  They have used lies, deception, and conspiracy to gain control of the world and the Bible calls them the synagogue of Satan (see Psalm 94:21, Psalm 83, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9).  The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by them.  In addition, they own the media, newspapers, Hollywood, most all literature, the movie and music industries.

The New World Order is their plan to kill everybody on the earth even those who have conspired with them for they hate all nations (see Matthew 24:21-22) and to destroy the world (see Revelation 11:18, Isaiah 54:16).  They want to preserve only those that are of the Ashkenazi bloodline.  They have a disorder called Tay-Sachs disease.  This disease is a wasting disease meaning it deteriorates the cells of the brain and other parts of the body causing schizophrenia-like psychosis.  Millions of them already have the disease and there is no cure for it but they are researching it to find one.  Go to Wikipedia for more information on Tay-Sachs disease.  

Do not give your allegiance to them for it is prophesied that the kingdom will be divided (see Daniel 2:41-45).  Instead, give your allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Read the book called: The Thirteenth Tribe, The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage by Arthur Koestler, ISBN: 0394402847